Traditional Digital Marketing Strategies That Thrive in Africa

Traditional Marketing Strategies-That-Thrive in Our Digital World

In Africa, we’re chasing after the digital revolution in our marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, most small businesses lag behind because of their tight budget. Many businesses find it difficult to compete favorably with digital marketing elements because of money.

You shouldn’t allow tight budget stop you from taking your business to the next level. You can get to your target customers with some of these digital traditional marketing strategies. What do we mean by traditional marketing strategy? The African marketing space can be quite cumbersome. Therefore, it is necessary to make use of this marketing strategies to improve on your business.

The following are some examples of the  traditional marketing strategies you can use for your campaigns or promotions:


Signage are signs displayed publicly or commercially that could be used to attract customers to a business. Even in developed countries, signage has not been ignored. We have seen fascinating brand campaigns with this toot. There was a time people ignore signage because it lacked creativity and was boring.

Most of the signage you see today are appealing and attractive. You force people to look at your campaign when make them a center of attraction. Signage can adorn your business building, or even a popular mall.

The advantage of signage is its ability to make an impression on a lot of people at once. This could improve greatly the customers who could patronize your business.


Have you thought of using billboards? Don’t leave billboards only for big brands. If it’s not an effective marketing tool, we wouldn’t be seeing more of these billboards every month. The cost is affordable compared to what you may spend on television and compared to what is to be gained in terms of sales.

If you have a creative marketing message with fewer texts and more pictures, situated at the right place, you can hit your marketing goals faster. How many times have you made a business decision based on a billboard message you saw?

Direct Mail

Today, the email bug that we have forgotten by the snail mail bites us. Most Africans believe that direct mail is a waste of time. Who does that you may ask?  Direct mail scores high on personalizing, creativity, and targeting a specific audience.

People understand direct mail business campaigns better. Many Africans ignore cold call emails because they don’t know the sender. However, with direct mails, you have no choice than read the message.


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