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What is user experience design?

It’s the process of increasing the satisfaction of the customer by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure that he gets when interacting with the product.

Why is it so important?

There are 5 phases in a UX process






of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience

of people use multiple screens sequentially
of users give up because they think you don’t care about them
of your site’s problems can be found by testing with 5 user’s


UX & UI designers and UX researchers, what do they do?

User experience designer

UX designers need to ensure that the product feels good; they need to optimize it to get an effective and enjoyable use. For that, they have to do user tests to understand and observe how people interact to then be able to refine and iterate to reach a good logic while navigating the product. Basically, a UX designer cares mostly about the conceptual aspects of the design process.

User interface designer

UI complements UX. Here, it’s more about how the product is laid out, it’s more about the visual design and information design. They have to make sure that visually speaking, the product will represent what is communicated by the UX designer.

User experience researcher

A UX researcher wants to know who the user is, what he wants and needs. All of that is to not end up designing the wrong product. It’s an important part of the process; the idea is to do interviews to users, conduct research and use other techniques to gather information and get more insight.


What are the different techniques used in UX?

there are so many different techniques, here’s a few


A sort of visual guide of the structure and layout of a website or mobile app

user test

Getting a user to do some tasks on a website or an app and to say what he thinks while interacting with the interface

user research

Doing some research and using all sorts of techniques to understand the user’s behaviors and needs


A visual sequence (usually just a sketch) to show the user’s interactions with the product


A persona represents a cluster of users for who the design is made


The idea is to make it easy to learn and use a product


The sitemap is a list of all the pages that a website or a mobile app has

A/B test

The idea is to do two versions of a page, A & B to then show it to two different groups of users to then know which is more successful.


It’s an interactive mockup of the product that shows the direction in which the product is heading to

Great tools that can help with daily tasks

PROTOYPE – uxpin invision marvel

SITEMAP – moqups

WIREFRAME – moqups invision sketch

A/B TESTING – maxymiser optimizely

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