7 Easy Ways to Improve SEO on your Website

 There are many ways to improve SEO and get more organic traffic to your website. This post covers 7 easy SEO techniques you can implement today.

Add keywords  to each Page 

  Keywords improve SEO by directing search engine users to relevant content on your website. The more clicks your site gets from a keyword search, the higher your site will rank in the search engine results.

Update MetaData

   Metadata may sound like a scary technical term, but it’s actually pretty simple and important to understand in order to improve SEO. The 3 Metadata categories you’ll want to update include the title, description, and image metadata.

Optimize Images 

   Always compress images before uploading them to your site using a tool like TinyPNG. This tool reduces the size of the image without compromising quality.

Fix Broken Links

   Broken Links are harmful for SEO because they create a poor user experience. The easiest way to check for broken links is to use a free tool like Broken Link Check. In just minutes, you’ll get a report of all the broken links on your site.

Add Social Sharing Buttons

   Adding social sharing buttons is a great and easy way to get more traffic to your site. While adding the buttons won’t in and of itself improve SEO, over time, they’ll generate more traffic as your content gets spread across the web. The more widespread your content, the greater the likelihood that other websites will link back to your content.

Update Older Content

   Do you have a year or more’s worth of blog content on your site? You may want to revisit those older posts and update the content. Search engines prioritize fresh content. In addition, you may find that some of your info is outdated or no longer relevant.

Set up a Google Business Profile 

   While Google Business profiles are especially important for local businesses, it doesn’t hurt to set one up for your online business. In fact, it’s a great and simple way to improve SEO.

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