Your Ultimate Social Media Checklist

Every day

  • Check and update your posting calendar
  • Reply to comments and questions
  • Monitor your brand mentions online and react to them
  • Discover industry-related keywords and threads
  • Check what your competitors are posting
  • Monitor industry news and hot topics
  • Discover trending hashtags
  • Monitor and comment on influencers’ posts

Every week

  • Synchronize with other teams’ goals and upcoming activities
  • Create a posting schedules for the week
  • Identify your competitors’ best- performing posts
  • Track the results of your ongoing ad campaigns

Every month

  • Collect monthly stats*
  • Analyze your competitors’ social strategies**
  • Compare your performance against your competitors
  • Identify your previous month’s successes and integrate them into your social strategy
  • Define the next month’s ratio of educational and entertaining content to product content
  • Research upcoming news and events that can be used to promote your product

Every quarter

  • Review and evaluate the last quarter’s KPIs and see where you stand
  • Make sure your brand image is consistent across all social channels
  • Conduct audience analysis to see if you are targeting the right people
  • Set your goals for the next quarter
  • Define your KPIs for the next quarter

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